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Historic mountain farm

with modern chaltes.


"Once the most important court

between Königsanger and Eisack. "

Our Kierhof was first mentioned in a document in 1331. So it is not surprising that the historic courtyard is a listed building. The name "Kier" originally comes from the German "Küeger" and means "cowherd".

Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof-50.jpg
Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof-41.jpg


"There are times when you need the silence of animals in order to recover from people. "

A farm lives from its animals, because they give it character and create emotions. Our farm animals are always something very special, especially for children. Thanks to the animals, you can explore your farm holiday with all your senses: stroke, play, discover! At the Kierhof there are 15 cows, the mini dog Blacky, the two dwarf goats Jutta and Erich, a couple of lop-eared rabbits and a dozen happy chickens.


Quality products from the farmer,

fresh and homemade.

As a guest at the Kierhof, you can enjoy high-quality, homemade products: eggs from happy chickens, jams with fruits from the forest, wonderfully fragrant herbs from the garden, fresh fruits and healthy vegetables right in front of the house. All of this and more can be found and enjoyed with our farmer's breakfast basket.

Gemüse Picking
Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof-46.jpg


Be a farmer for a day.

We are happy to let our guests take part in rural life. It starts early in the morning: we feed and milk the cows, collect the eggs for the delicious farmer's breakfast and look after our small animals. Then it's off to the field, into the forest or there is work to be done directly on the farm. The highlight for young and old starts punctually at 5:30 p.m.: Old farmer Hans goes into the stable and whoever wants to can join him. Feeding, grooming, mucking ... there is a lot to do!


Modern chalets in the middle

of mountain meadows

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